“What makes a house a home?” seems like an easy question to answer for most people, but is it really that simple? Families picture their dream home based on homes from childhood memories, famous movies, magazines, or on Houzz. A home should be a place that you instantly relate to and it draws you in because it resonates with your heart. The goal for every custom home is to take a story in the back of a your mind and turn it into reality.

The Lee & Barrier Builders team is committed to building functional, livable custom homes with attention to creating distinctive details in each home. As a custom home builder, it has been our trademark to create a connection between superior craftsmanship and attention to architectural detail in building each of our custom homes. Through high quality and a focus on all aspects of the home, we turn our customer’s vision into reality. Whether you desire luxuriousness, comfort, or a little of both, it is our goal to design and build the home of your dreams.